Making Counseling Possible

“I want to say thank you … You have made us a better church because of your willingness to partner with us in making counseling possible.”

On our Facebook page, a local pastor shared his testimony of how counseling services through CentrePointe Counseling were critical in his health, well-being, and ability to pastor the church. (Click here to watch the video)  Noting that finances could have been a barrier, he gives thanks for funding that makes counseling available to pastors.

Both CentrePointe and denominational groups both contribute funds to make the counseling accessible to pastors and their families because we believe healthy pastors lead healthy congregations and encourage health all through the community.

In addition to funds to support pastors, CentrePointe reduces fees for many who need counseling but are unable to pay and do not have health insurance. The financial barriers are removed by the generosity of donors who want to provide an opportunity for others to move towards health.

Without this ongoing generosity to CentrePointe, many more like this pastor would be unable to receive counseling due to long waiting lists, access to care difficulties, and insurance challenges. We’re driven to make sure everyone in our community has access to affordable and professional pastoral counseling. We cannot do that without you.

We believe our services create a ripple effect of change…
Where healthy individuals lead to healthy couples,
healthy couples lead to healthy families,
healthy families lead to healthy churches,
and healthy churches lead to healthy communities.

Your contribution doesn’t just impact an individual in need of counseling, but their family, their friends, their church, their community, and much more and for many more years to come.

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