Does your church have what it takes?

If your church has 100 congregation members, 26 of them are struggling with mental illness.

…the woman whose child’s severe anxiety keeps him from Sunday School and her from hearing the sermon.
…the man who smiles while passing the offering but struggles to get out of bed to come to church.
…the sunny teenager who volunteers at youth group but hides an eating disorder.
…the pastor who encourages from the pulpit but feels the weight of a whole congregations’ burdens.

Faith does not make us immune to mental illness any more than it makes us immune to physical illness. However, many churches struggle with meeting the needs of their congregation.

CentrePointe Counseling began for just this reason – as a support system to the church to meet the mental health needs of our congregations and communities.

We believe that there is an important spiritual dimension that people bring to the counseling process that should not be minimized. At the same time, we believe that it is important not to ignore scientific advances in the understanding of biological and psychological human functioning. Healthy functioning is supported through counseling that treats body, mind, and soul.

Does your church have a plan in place to support families affected by mental illness?

We understand that it may be difficult for churches to meet all the mental health needs in a congregation which is why we have our Church Partnership Program. Churches partner financially with CentrePointe and receive vouchers for counseling care for their pastor, leadership, or congregation members. In addition, Churches in our partnership program receive access to our library, invitations to regional prayer breakfasts, and priority access to counseling services, seminars, and our Critical Incident Response Team Services (to assist after a traumatic event).

You can help meet the needs of your congregation and community. Please prayerfully consider how you or your church can provide hope for those who are struggling.

Become a monthly partner and provide a scholarship for someone who cannot afford their counseling fees.
Encourage your church to join our partnership program so that everyone in your congregation can get the help that they need.
Encourage your church to become a monthly partner to help ensure everyone in our community can get the help they need.
Encourage your church to become a Partner Site Facility. Our counselors work from church offices to meet the needs of those in their community and keep our costs low.

Thank you.

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