Who We Are

CentrePointe Counseling provides access to licensed, professional, Christian counselors in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. Many insurance types are accepted, and Samaritan Fund grants are available. Clients of all types are welcome. Our counselors are experienced with treating couples, families, adults, adolescents and children.

Why We Do It

Counseling impacts the “center point” at which mental wellness begins. As healing begins, it creates a ripple effect: healthy individuals lead to healthy couples, families, churches and schools, and ultimately a healthy community.

What We Do

Our counselors work to help clients improve relationships, handle emotional struggles, negotiate life transitions, and find healing. We affirm the faith-based aspect of the counseling process, and at the same time, uphold scientific advances in the understanding of biological and psychological human functioning.

You Can Help!


Donate to our Samaritan Fund or to our general fund to help people without health insurance or with unaffordable co-pays. CentrePointe does not turn anyone away based on an inability to pay alone -- but we can only continue providing care through generous donations from supporters like you.

Staying Centered

We send occasional updates (less than once a month!) with prayer requests, event updates, and anything else that's happening at CentrePointe.

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Pastors are able to minister to their churches more effectively when they are well-supported. CentrePointe seeks to partner with churches of all denominations to provide confidential and trusted support to ministry leaders.

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New Clients

We believe in making counseling accessible to everyone. Take the next step by connecting with one of our counselors located in Maryland and Virginia. Our door is open to all, regardless of religious preference, race, sex, or age.



We offer Continuing Education Units to our staff and to professional counselors in our community. CentrePointe's team of licensed counselors receive ongoing support, training and supervision in a Christ-centered setting. 

Client Reviews

(Identifying information has been removed or changed to protect the privacy of our clients.)