Give Towards Restoring Hope


CentrePointe Counseling's Samaritan Fund can be like a lifeline for someone taking the step to seek counseling, but struggling financially. Through this fund individuals can access counseling grants and low co-pays. 

Consider being a supporter today:

The top reasons why people seeking mental health care do not receive it are lack of insurance and lack of accessible care (Mental Health America, 2023).  CentrePointe Counseling works to lower these barriers. CentrePointe Counseling is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity, and the Samaritan Fund is completely donor supported. One hundred percent of donations supports clients with financial need.

Make a donation or become a regular donor to help those with financial need seeking hope and restoration, for themselves and in their relationships.

Your gift provides access to a hope that heals -- and changed lives across communities.

From Our Counselors...

I’ve seen time and again the Samaritan Fund encourage and support people willing to invest the time, but who don’t have the money for counseling.

I appreciate Samaritan Funds helping young adult clients who find it hard to get started in life. Their finances being met is such a blessing to them.

It takes such courage for someone to seek counseling, so people feel defeated when counseling isn't affordable. The Samaritan Fund brings a step stool, it provides hope.