CentrePointe Counseling News

Annual Report FY22

Oct 27, 2022

Dear Reader, I’m happy to present this year’s Annual Report FY22.  In fiscal year 2022 (July 2021 to June 2022), the demand for counseling to address anxiety grew, as well as requests for child and youth therapy. Nevertheless, client activity did not reach the same level as it did in the fiscal year 2021, which was…

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Annual Report FY21

Dec 9, 2021

Dear Reader, Fiscal Year 21 (July 2020 – June 2021) was a year of mental health awareness — and activity. You are invited to review the year’s impact on CentrePointe in our Annual Report FY21.  Demand for mental health care increased markedly over Fiscal Year 21. Relational strain, stress and anxiety along with an increased…

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Annual Report FY20

Nov 25, 2020

Dear Reader, This fiscal year (July 2019 – June 2020) has been extraordinary. You are invited to review the year’s impact on CentrePointe in our Annual Report FY20.  The most remarkable take-away to me is how CentrePointe’s counselors responded to the need for mental health care during COVID-19 measures and its many repercussions. As frontline…

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Making Counseling Possible

Jun 28, 2019

“I want to say thank you … You have made us a better church because of your willingness to partner with us in making counseling possible.” On our Facebook page, a local pastor shared his testimony of how counseling services through CentrePointe Counseling were critical in his health, well-being, and ability to pastor the church.…

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Does your church have what it takes?

Dec 15, 2018

If your church has 100 congregation members, 26 of them are struggling with mental illness. …the woman whose child’s severe anxiety keeps him from Sunday School and her from hearing the sermon. …the man who smiles while passing the offering but struggles to get out of bed to come to church. …the sunny teenager who…

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"…a counselor saved me. But not only me…"

Jun 4, 2018

Dear Friend of CentrePointe: We recently heard this story at a CentrePointe event celebrating our work. It gives a powerful glimpse into our mission: “Imagine being in crisis and unsure of where to turn. Maybe you feel frightened. Maybe you feel ashamed to ask for help. Now imagine gathering your courage to call someone for…

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