Partnering with churches for healthier pastors, leaders, and congregations.

CentrePointe Counseling strives to be a resource for pastors, clergy members, churches, denominational groups, and Christian organizations of all denominations to promote healthy patterns, organizational development, and spiritual growth.

Our Services

  • Coaching for Church Planters

  • Clergy Leadership Groups

  • Conflict Mediation

  • Critical Incident Debriefing

  • Leadership Assessments

  • Seminars & Workshops

  • Individual & Family Therapy

  • Premarital & Couples Counseling


Resources we use include:

Mediation Training through the Lombard Peace Institute

Organizational Development from the Alban Institute

CISM model for Critical Incident Debriefing

Safe Church Program (child/youth safety policies)

Leadership Assessments using Myers-Briggs Inventory

Making a Referral

  • To arrange a consultation, call 1-800-491-5369, ext. 120.
  • Our staff will direct clients to one of our convenient locations based on geography, schedule, area of specialty, and insurance considerations.
  • If health insurance will not cover the session cost, a subsidized fee may be available.
  • Churches and individuals can assist those in need of help by donating toward their fees.
  • Some counselors have waiting lists but give priority access to people referred from CentrePointe's Partnership Churches.

Ministry leaders, friends, and family are encouraged to refer individuals for counseling when:

  • The problems are beyond your expertise and the situation requires more time than you can offer.
  • There is a mental health issue rather than a spiritual issue. However, faith will be valued in the process to promote healing.
  • The individual has faced an incident that is traumatic or is legal in nature.
  • If the candidate may cause self-harm, refer them IMMEDIATELY to an emergency room for assessment and treatment.

For Church Communities

Premarital Counseling - Sample:

  • Scheduled with a professional therapist (daytime/evening/weekend times available)
  • Three sessions held before the wedding (preparation)
  • One session held post-wedding (follow-up & maintenance)

Topics include (varies according to the therapist’s assessment of needs):

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving & conflict resolution
  • Marital roles & expectations, including sexuality, parenthood, & finances
  • Faith & spirituality
  • Family of origin issues
  • Growth opportunities
  • Other topics as needed

With written permission from the engaged couple, the therapist will report to the referring pastor. All counseling is confidential and professional.

Speaking & Seminars - Topics May Include:

Trauma - Recovery & Debriefing, A How to for Helpers, Trauma Basics & Symptoms, PTSD & Combat Stress, Spirituality & Trauma

Education - Teaching for Special Needs, Behavior Mgmt Strategies, Child Safety Policies, Youth Leader Training, Basic Counseling Skills, Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Personal Issues - Avoiding Traps/ Self-esteem, Self-care & Personal Health, Forgiveness & Reconciliation, Anger: Relationship Destroyer, Recognizing & Responding to Addictions, Is There Help & Hope for Sexual Addictions?, Understanding Your Family of Origin, What Are Boundaries?

Parenting - Discipline & Setting Limits, Why Christian Kids Rebel, Spiritual Training at Home, Connecting with your Teen, 40 Assets/Resilient Kids, Adolescents & Developing Executive Skills, ADHD Interventions for the Home

Family - Grief & Loss, Help for Spouses as Caregivers, My Parents, My Life: Finding the Balance, Men & Women: Understanding the Differences, Parenting Teens in Times of Turmoil, Effects of Mental Illness on Family Members

Youth - Life Hurts, God Heals (Saddleback Curriculum), Good Sex (Y.S. Curriculum), How to Help Your Friends, Dangers of Pornography

Clergy/Leadership - Servant Leadership, Family Systems & Church Relationships, Helpful Interventions for Folks with Personality Disorders, Stages of Faith, What is Spiritual Coping?, Ministry Life in the Fishbowl

Stress - Coping with Stress, Are You Working Yourself to Death?

Relationships - Communication: Who’s Talking, Who’s Listening?, The Mirror of Marriage, Object Relations Theory as a Helpful Relationship Model, Marriage Enrichment Retreats (Imago & others), Pre-Marital Preparation Seminar (Prepare/Enrich), 10 Ingredients of Healthy Relationships, Conflict Management at Home

Fees & Availability:

Fees for speaking engagements may be requested by contacting ad***@cp*****.org, and charged per hour plus travel (for extended commutes). Presentations are scheduled based on counselor availability and specialty. Please email to schedule availability of dates and times. Fees may be reduced or waived by agreement; contact us to enquire.

Past presentations have been at: church gatherings, staff planning retreats, MOPS, youth group events, parent groups, women’s/men’s retreats, senior adult programs, deacon, elder, leadership meetings, staff meetings, and teacher’s meetings.

Marriage Retreats - Topics May Include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution
  • Marital Roles and Expectations (Sexuality, Parenthood, & Finances)
  • Faith & Growing Spiritually as a Couple
  • Family of Origin Issues that affect Becoming One
  • Gender Differences & Finding Common Ground
  • Other Topics as Needed

Scheduled with professional therapists (1 day and 2 day retreats available) on-site at your church or at the location of your choice. Church arranges meals, childcare, entertainment to suit their needs and interests.

Hourly rates apply on site for each presenter plus travelChurches should call several weeks in advance for booking.

How To Inquire About Conflict Mediation:

  1. Initial calls may go to Terry Bates at 800-491-5369, extension 100.
  2. An assessment is made over the phone as to the services needed. Is mediation the appropriate service? Is the conflict church-wide, or between individuals?
  3. The church is offered options for mediation services, including those outside CentrePointe.
  4. CentrePointe's conflict mediation team may discuss fees and terms of service with a church's core leadership or key persons involved.
  5. Pending the core leadership and the church's approval, the mediation process begins. This may involve the following: Covenanting Phase, Education, Information Gathering, Healing Phase, Problem-Solving, and Closure Phase.

Church Partnership Program

Our mission at CentrePointe Counseling is to provide Christ-centered professional counseling and consultation services that work toward transformation at the center of individuals, families, and organizations, creating a ripple effect of change in thinking, believing, and acting.

We believe that helping to foster healthy individuals leads to healthy families, churches, schools, organizations, businesses, and ultimately healthy communities.

Our Church Partnership Program provides support and resources to churches that wish to see this same ripple of change in their own congregations. 

By deciding to partner with CentrePointe Counseling, congregations participate in a covenant relationship that benefits their clergy and members, while bringing hope and healing to their community.

Church Partnership Program Benefits

Lectures & Seminars

One 1-hour Lecture or Seminar for every $500 in support.

  • May be directed at church ministry leaders, church staff, groups or congregation.
  • CentrePointe presents seminar at your church or location of choice.
  • Topics of counselor expertise: marriage or couples counseling, addictions, general anxiety, communication and conflict resolution, and other. 
  • Counselors are discreet, and can speak to sensitive topics specific to ministry leaders or specific groups (e.g., those experiencing addictions).

Elevated Access

  • Counseling services (elevated placement priority)
  • Educational Seminars/Presentations to your congregation
  • Premarital Counseling Package for Pastor-Referred Couples
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Critical Incident Response Team Services (assist after a traumatic event)

Additional Resources

  • Subscription to online e-newsletter and annual report
  • Invitations to special events
  • Access to our resources (online videos or papers by request)

In the partnership covenant, the church partner congregation agrees to:

  • Use CentrePointe Counseling as a referral source for counseling, education, consultation, and training.
  • Promote the purpose and mission of CentrePointe to the congregation by providing information in church newsletters, worship bulletins, visitor packets, and information tables.
  • Support the ministry of CentrePointe by contributing financially. CentrePointe is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation committed to serving those in need, regardless of their ability to pay. The congregation’s participation as a partner church helps support this mission by providing services to those in need.
  • Remember the staff, board, and clients in prayer. List the ministry of CentrePointe in church prayer lists and ask the congregation to pray for our staff and client needs.

If your church is interested in becoming a partner with CentrePointe, please fill out the form below!

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