Dear Neighbors, Friends and Clients,


We at CentrePointe Counseling are deeply saddened by the senseless death of George Floyd, along with recent tragic events that have highlighted racial and social injustice in our country. We recognize the pain, fear and anxiety these events have caused.


CentrePointe Counseling is an agency of professional, licensed Christian counselors, dedicated to the healing and transformation of our clients and those they impact. As such, we have had a longstanding commitment to welcome and serve clients of any race, ethnicity or creed - all are welcome. We seek to continuously assess ourselves as an organization, and to cultivate sensitivity and knowledge, to shape and inform how we communicate and interact with the diverse cultures represented by our  clients, partners and colleagues.


In times like these, our response is a combination of lament and hope. As participants in God’s ongoing work of reconciliation in Christ (Eph 2:14 – 18), we are committed to facilitating a path to new life for individuals and communities. 


We see all human life as valuable, being made in God’s image - including Black lives. In serving our community, we seek lasting change through healing.


Please pray with us in hope for healing and reconciliation; and for our community to progress in recognizing the value of each and every person.




Helen Kim
Executive Director
CentrePointe Counseling