Current Positions

CentrePointe Counseling is a Christian, non-profit charitable organization, a 501(c)3. Applicants who are clear communicators, detail-oriented, good with time-management and meeting deadlines, and work with integrity are welcome. Positions are virtual unless otherwise noted.

Current available positions:


Please submit your resume/CV and letter of interest to:



Digital Media Coordinator

Use your digital marketing & graphic design skills to help a Christian non-profit on mission -- help make a difference on mental health with just a few hours of work per week. Part-time salaried or contract worker.

Virtual; Part-Time or Contract Position; Maryland-based

Join an organization of supportive, Christian counselors!

Hours: 3.5 hours per week; flexible upon setting weekly schedule

Salary: W-2 or contract worker, $25/hr equivalent

Submit resume and cover letter to:

Job Description

Part-time, virtual position: planning and producing digital media as requested by the Executive Director.

Technical Experience:

-Adobe Suite: Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


-Creator Studio/CMS: Hootsuite, Canva Post Planning, etc.

-Analytics: Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin

-Video editing – quick edits for social media


-Weekly postings on: Facebook and LinkedIn (can be automated); occasionally on Instagram, Twitter

-Collection and postings of quotes, videos, images from counselors, clients and donors for social media

-EventBrite (or similar) updates for monthly Continuing Education seminars (coordinated with Clinical Director)

-Graphics on demand, used for web site, newsletters and print materials (e.g., pamphlets, fliers, business cards)

-Video shoots, photos on periodic basis – edited snippets usable for social media, web site, newsletters

-Maintain and manage all digital media-related files

-Plan content for the year

-Provide research on: digital marketing, web site, social media, engagement analytics


-Proactive, forthcoming communication with Executive Director, Clinical Director

-Reliability, integrity, attention to detail, responsiveness, good time management

-Must be able to meet deadlines consistently

Special Project (to be determined, and upon mutual agreement)

-Layout and images for Annual Report (process begins August for November publication)

*Preference given to those within driving distance from Columbia, MD

Human Resources Recruiter/Generalist

CentrePointe Counseling is a Christian non-profit organization, and employs professional, licensed counselors impacted by their faith in their approach to work and clients. We are looking for a Human Resources Recruiter / Generalist to manage both the recruitment-to-employment process and, secondarily, the human resources needs of our organization.

This position requires knowledge and experience in recruitment in the healthcare field, experience updating employee policies, and knowledge of employment compliance issues. Must have excellent discernment and communication skills, and the ability to do some research and assessment.

*This is a challenging role that requires comprehension, creativity and attention to detail. We recruit a narrow field of counselors, due to our organization’s commission and purpose. CentrePointe Counseling is a uniquely supportive community of counselors and staff, deliberate in their faith in practice and mission to serve communities.

Salary and Hours: $41,600/year for 20 hrs/week

Submit resume and letter of interest to:


  • Recruitment: Proactively recruit qualified, high integrity professional Christian counselors and meet hiring goals. Recruit for all employment needs of the organization, but especially licensed, mental health counselors. Assist with onboarding process, including assisting with counselors' start-up phase and coordinating with leadership staff. Manage detailed accounting of applicants and employees, and develop best practice for productive recruitment and hiring.
  • Policy Management: Assist with developing updated policy and practice manuals, and maintain and communicate details of updated policies.
  • Compliance Issues: Stay updated and informed of state and federal employment compliance issues. Train employees on safety and health issues.
  • Benefits and Compensation: Maintain knowledge of and research towards enhancing employee benefits programs, while understanding small non-profit limitations.
  • Strategize: Manage onboarding procedures, employee well-being (including spiritual), addressing employee grievances, improving internal and external relationships, building trust and healthy work relationships.


  • Experience: Must have experience in human resources role, including managing Maryland-based employer requirements, benefits package research and administration, and driving professional recruitment. Experience working in a managing role at a non-profit or small business a plus. At least 5 years of experience required.
  • Knowledge: Understand the professional licensing qualifications for mental health counselors and related health insurance and credentialing issues. Knowledgeable of job recruiting sites and their best uses. Knowledgeable of human resources tools, benefits offerings, current employment laws and regulations.
  • Skills: Proven skills in administration and HR management. Detail oriented, organized, consistent with tracking and recording recruitment activity. Must have high integrity, a friendly demeanor, outward-facing, clear communicator (verbally and written), organized, and able to work independently. Very knowledgeable or able to build knowledge about a broad array of job listing sites and maximizing their use at minimal cost. Able to use multiple means of reaching and communicating with suitable recruits. Able to market employment positions using social media and related tools. Confident in conducting research and analysis. Public speaking abilities a plus.
  • Education: Bachelors Degree required

Reports to the Executive Director. Collaborates with supervisor-level counselors and all administrative staff.