Annual Report FY20

Dear Reader,

This fiscal year (July 2019 – June 2020) has been extraordinary. You are invited to review the year’s impact on CentrePointe in our

Annual Report FY20

The most remarkable take-away to me is how CentrePointe’s counselors responded to the need for mental health care during COVID-19 measures and its many repercussions. As frontline workers, our counselors became available by video to provide counseling, even as their own lives were turned upside down by social distancing, the effects of which were experienced by all. Despite initial hesitation by clients to convert to video-based therapy, caseloads bounced back as the need for mental health care became clear.

Which brings up another clear point:

Many are experiencing financial need along with the stresses and strains that bring about the need for mental health care.

Whether by loss or reduction of employment or other reasons, requests for financial assistance through CentrePointe’s Samaritan Fund mercy grant has grown in demand. This fund is entirely dependent upon donations, and all funds are designated to assist those in financial need to access counseling at CentrePointe.

CentrePointe is unique in providing licensed, professional counseling with Christian counselors — and to do so with quality and integrity, while never turning away a client on the basis of lack of insurance or inability to afford discounted rates alone.

I hope you will consider making a donation to our Samaritan Fund

or to our general fund, so that we can continue to serve our communities, including those who need financial assistance.

with gratefulness and hope,

Helen Kim
Executive Director
CentrePointe Counseling, Inc.

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