Women Helping Women

Through the Women Helping Women Campaign, counseling is provided for women in need and their children.  Women who inquire about counseling but fear it is not a financial option, are often relieved to find the support and services available at CentrePointe.  Women of strength and compassion contribute to Women Helping Women.

Initiated in 1996, in our affiliate center, the Women Helping Women idea attracted over 150 women who contributed $100 each to support counseling for women.  Each year, thousands of women contribute to centers in their states raising thousands of dollars on an annual basis.  An annual luncheon is held to honor and thank women who have contributed.  The campaign is based on a simple idea, women of strength helping women in need. Funds raised for this purpose provide direct financial aid to women who come to CentrePointe Counseling, Inc. for help, but cannot afford to pay the full cost of services.

Are you aware that . . .

*Over 60 percent of those who seek counseling help are women.

*More women than men report having depression.

*Women are especially vulnerable financially in situations of divorce or single parenthood.

*Women are more likely than men to be victims of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

You can see why we are dedicated to raising funds to support women in need and why we think women like you will respond to a program that makes this support possible. Each of us has experienced need and been nurtured. We have given care and we have received it. Now it is our chance to pass some of these advantages along to others who have received much less. There is a quiet strength in the idea of women helping women. Won’t you join with us in making this idea come alive.

To join Women Helping Women and help female clients and their children, please send a check payable to CentrePointe Counseling, Inc. to: CentrePointe Counseling, Inc, P.O. Box 339, Ashton, MD 20861.

You can donate to Women Helping Women with a major credit card via PayPal. Click the button below to get started.

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