Why should I seek counseling?
Our counselors offer help to persons who are experiencing mental, relational, emotional, and spiritual difficulties, as well as to those who are seeking growth in their everyday lives. To journey with a trained and compassionate person for a limited period of time often makes possible a movement toward health and wholeness that would not occur on one’s own.

What kind of counseling do you offer?
CentrePointe counselors are trained in the same theories and techniques as other mental health professionals. However, their training goes one step further in their ability to be sensitive to spiritual issues and to draw upon the wisdom of religious teachings when working with persons who find this helpful. This form of counseling is often referred to as pastoral counseling or pastoral psychotherapy.

Will my counseling be confidential?
All client information and records are confidential within the boundaries and standards of professional and legal requirements. Please see our Client Information Packet for HIPAA privacy notices.

How much does it cost?
CentrePointe establishes fees for the various services it offers based upon reasonable and customary costs. Health insurance may cover these costs. When health insurance does not cover the cost, scholarships may be available to make the counseling affordable. Payments are expected at the time of service by check or cash.

What about health insurance?
Most insurance companies cover counseling sessions with our counselors. Your individual situation can be discussed with your counselor during an initial phone call.

How long are sessions and how often do we meet?
Sessions are 50 minutes in length and usually occur weekly.

Do you have evening and weekend appointments?
Our counselors offer evening and weekend appointments. Because of the demand for these hours you will need to discuss availability with your counselor during an initial phone call.

How can I make an appointment or learn more?
You can fill out our online appointment request or call CentrePointe at 800.491.5369 x 120. One of our counselors will return your phone call to answer your questions in more detail. If you wish to schedule an appointment, arrangements to do so will be made at that time.

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