Conflict Mediation Services

How To Access Conflict Mediation Services

  1. Initial calls would go to Tom Rodgerson at 800-491-5369, extension 108.
  2. An assessment is made over the phone as to the services needed. Is mediation the appropriate service? Is the conflict church-wide, or between individuals?
  3. The church is offered options as to mediation services available, including CentrePointe.
  4. If the church opts to go with CentrePointe for mediation services, CentrePointe’s Leadership Team consults as to the best mediation team to send in to help the church. The Team is chosen based upon geography, church needs, availability of mediators, etc.
  5. The conflict mediation team meets with the core leadership of the church to outline the process of mediation, to discuss fees and to present an agreement for services, beginning the Covenanting Phase of the mediation process. (If the mediation is for individuals in the church, the mediation team would meet with those key persons and any accountability persons representing the church.)
  6. The core leadership of the church presents the agreement to the church for approval.
  7. If the church approves, the mediation process begins following the six step process of the following: Covenanting Phase, Education Phase, Information Gathering Phase, Healing Phase, Problem-Solving Phase, and Bringing Closure Phase.
  8. Churches are billed monthly for services at the rate of $65 per person per hour for off-site hours and $130 per person per hour for on-site hours.
  9. If denominational support is available, the denomination office will be billed monthly for subsidy funds.

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